Lindsay Lohan Manages to Skip Jail Time Again

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan ... she's in jail ... she's outta jail ... she's in jail ... she's outta jail. I feel like someone should give me a daisy so I can pick the petals off of it and let that decide if she's in or she's out. I am all for our legal system (I fully admit I don't really know how it works from an insider's perspective and hope to never really understand), but there is something to be said for someone being told this is their punishment and then actually having to ride out that punishment.

On Friday, Lindsay was sentenced to 120 days in jail and community service for breaking her probation, for which she was on due to DUIs she got back in 2007. She was swiftly taken away (it's about time) and then, within five hours, released on $75,000 bail (Really? Again?). The probation violation had to do with the whole necklace theft debacle — but the jail time wasn't actually for the alleged theft of the necklace -- that first goes to trial in June. Man, is that a mouthful!


Here's the thing ... as a parent, I wonder where is the consequence for her actions? Enough already — all of the back and forth. Part of me wishes that instead of sending her to jail, they would just make her do additional (a lot of additional) community service. You see, her recent jail sentence also came with an order for 480 hours of community service. 120 hours in the county morgue and 360 hours in a women's center. I sort of think that maybe forcing her to see others in need. Maybe that would help? Heck ... maybe not. All I know is there needs to be some punishment and right now there is none!

What kind of lesson do we teach our kids if they think they can get away with anything they want?


Image via avrilllllla /Flickr

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