'Glee' Actress Deserves to Be Blacklisted for Spoiling Prom Plot

gleeImagine you're a writer ... or a producer ... or even one of the famous faces (Lea Michele? Cory Monteith?) from Glee. You've worked long, hard days of writing scripts, re-writing scripts, preparing to shoot, and then shooting one of the biggest episodes of the year ... the PROM episode! (As I'm sure you're already well aware, any teen TV show's prom episode is a really big deal. Thank you for setting such an awesome precedent, Beverly Hills, 90210.) But then some drunken, big mouth extra goes on TWITTER and shares a MAJOR SPOILER with all of her followers. And of course, that's sure to be a tweet heard 'round the Glee-isphere! You can imagine you'd be pretty pissed.

And producer Brad Falchuk was when extra Nicole Crowther did just this. He tweeted, "Hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment" and "Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?"

Crowther deserves everything she's got comin' to her ... or not comin' to her.


To Crowther's credit, she immediately apologized ("just kill me i feel terrible!") and wiped out her Twitter account. (Smooth move -- the whole account has to go?? Doesn't she know how to just delete the offending tweets?) But she still messed up BIG TIME. At this point, the Glee cast may be recalled to the set to re-shoot the prom scenes and change what was spoiled.

And because, apparently, contracts for day-players don't contain non-disclosure agreement language that would provide for punishment when plot secrets are revealed, FOX is also looking into legal ways they can slam actors with fines or firings if they disclose plot points in the future.

I'm usually not one to stick up for the corporate man over the little guy, but that's not what it's about this time. This is about something people worked very hard on, and plenty of fans don't want to know anything about future plot lines until they see the episodes themselves. As I came a wee bit late to the party of Gleek-dom midway through the first season, I didn't even want fellow fans to tell me what happened in some of the earlier episodes of the show that I wanted to catch myself up on.

It sounds to me like, if she was such an immature dumbass to go and tweet-spew crucial plot spoilers like this, Crowther has absolutely no respect for the industry or the work she was involved in. I don't blame Falchuk for telling her she may not ever "eat lunch in this town again." With hope, she'll just try to grow up a bit before looking for another Hollywood gig.

What do you think -- does Crowther deserve to be blacklisted for what she did?


Image via FOX

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