'RHONY' Hubbie Simon van Kempen Releases New Song 'I Am Real' (VIDEO)

simon can kempen You would think that Bravo pays its reality stars to come out with horrible music. (Remember Countess LuAnn's song "Money Can't Buy You Class"?) And now, Simon van Kempen, husband to Real Housewives of New York Alex McCord, has become the first househusband to take on singing.

Simon's new track "I Am Real" premieres tonight on Bravo's Watch What Happens: Live. But, lucky for you, I have a sneak peek right here. (And by lucky, I mean, if you feel the need to throw your computer against a wall, this song provides the perfect excuse.)

Take a look:


Simon says the song really sums up his experience on reality TV. And with lyrics like these, I guess it does:

Love me or hate me, I don't give a damn. Gold and diamonds glitter. But the taste is slightly bitter. When wives attack behind my back, they trash me on the Twitter.

I just wish he threw in a bit more pizazz. The song would be so much better with a mention of his kilt or a nod to his two kiddos Francois and Johan. Instead, we're left with hearing about how "real" he is, and some moaning and ooh-ing in this bumpin' track -- which he says is a product of his passion for music.

I'm hoping that the socialite is taking this for what it's worth: Absolutely nothing A bit of fun, and a hoity toity way for the Australian to grab a few tabloid headlines. Simon's right leg loving wife Alex tweeted her support:

Look what @SimonvanKempen did!! http://t.co/9grOUZ6 & you can buy it on iTunes here http://t.co/RYOB2t5 - I am SO proud of him!!!!

Eek, I just pictured him awkwardly dancing on a stage in those tight leather pants. I need to go take a walk.

What do you think of Simon van Kempen's new track, "I Am Real"?

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