Prince William Makes Balding Beautiful

Prince William Kate Middleton

Everyone's talking about groom-to-be and king-to-be Prince William and his growing bald spot. I wish everyone would leave him the heck alone! Sure, he's losing his hair awfully early, but it's not like he planned it. And it's not like he's growing a third ear (or his dad's ears) or something really scary.

I say Prince Will ought to give everyone the Royal finger and rock his baldness like there's no tomorrow. After all, there's so much good to be had in the bald life.


5 Ways Prince William Can Make Bald Totally Beautiful

1. Think of the money the Brits will save on Royal haircuts. Those things ain't cheap.

2. Bejeweled combs and brushes are insanely expensive as well.

3. Imagine how nicely Will's king crownage will set on his head.

4. William has a great face. Gorgeous, in fact (unlike some full-head-of-hair royal fellows who shall remain nameless).

5. Bald can be sexy: Bruce Willis, Ed Harris, and Andre Agassi.

Trust me. Going bald and being proud of it is the way to go. After all, I really don't want to see the King of England walking around in a bandanna constantly trying to hide what we all know is under there *cough* Bret Michaels *cough*.

Do you really think it's any big deal that Prince William is going bald? Or should he just rock it?


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