Alien Discovered in Siberia Is Good Enough to Eat (VIDEO)

alienDid you hear that an alien's dead body has been found in Russia? That's right, there in the frozen tundra of Siberia, the body was found, looking eerily similar to that of E.T. and other creatures only movies have been able to show us thus far.

The area is known as a UFO hot spot, so believers were vindicated by this finding. The creature's body was badly injured, but it was thought he (or she?) was left behind by others after a visit. There were reports of glowing pink and blue lights there as well. At last, we know they're up there! There's even video proof that two men recorded upon finding the body, check it out:


Looks pretty convincing and real, huh? Well, it is real -- real chicken and bread that is. After police got involved, the men in the video admitted they built the "alien" from the makings of a sandwich with a little paint splashed on for good measure. In other words, it was all a big hoax.

But oh how people wanted to believe it was true. Since the video was uploaded on April 17, more than 3 million people have viewed it. Some shot it down as a hoax immediately, but plenty of others saw it as proof of what they've known all along.

Of course, there are those who are saying news of the hoax is just a big coverup to explain the real dead alien body, so believers can (and certainly will) cling to that.

According to Russia Today, the men responsible for the video won't face any charges, as "scolding is the only possible punishment for such a stunt as it cannot be considered a crime." I say good for them, they gave the people what they want, and someone should scoop them up to do special effects work.

In any case, you have to hand it to YouTube. From Rebecca Black to alien freak-outs around the world, it delivers unimaginable entertainment.

Did you fall for the alien hoax? Do you believe in aliens?

Image via YouTube

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