Matthew Bellamy: 5 Things You Should Know About Kate Hudson's Baby Daddy

matthew bellamyI'm a sucker for musicians. So much so that I married one! They're moody and broody, sensitive and sweet, and all around smokin' hot. Call me a cliche (just don't call me a groupie), but I've always found them kind of hard to resist. And so does Kate Hudson. Samsies!

Kate says that when she met baby daddy Matthew Bellamy, the lead singer of the band Muse, she was unable to stay away from him. She told InStyle:

In the beginning I felt like, "OK, this is going to be heavy. Am I prepared for this?" Because it had been a while and I wasn't looking for that. But I just couldn't stay away. I wanted to talk to him and be with him all the time.

Us too! We'd like to be near him a lot. He's very cute, Kate. But we really don't know much about him. How are we supposed to get him a birthday gift if we don't know what his interests are -- or when his birthday is?! Enter Father Internet. Check out five things you should know about Matthew Bellamy.

  • He's English (I actually knew that one. Did you?). Unless you're a Muse fan, you probably have only seen pictures of the dude in tabloids with Kate being "just like us." But, yep. He's a Brit. In fact, he prepares for every show by eating tea and crumpets and watching Austin Powers. Just kidding. I made that part up. He is really British, though.
  • He actually does have "show rituals," though. Matthew uses an electric foot massager to prepare before shows, and to treat nervousness and jet lag. Okaaay. The singer also says that bubble baths are his preferred way to "warm up" before shows, and he "can't play a gig" without eating a banana beforehand. Different strokes, I guess!
  • He's not just a pretty face. Some "musicians" are little more than super cute, super skinny dudes with tattoos and a microphone. Not Matthew. He's, like, really good with the axe. He was ranked #19 on Gigwise's list of "The 50 Greatest Guitarists Ever." Total Guitar readers voted him #29 on a list of "Top 100 Guitarists of All Time." And last year, Total Guitar named him the "Guitarist of the Decade," calling him the "Hendrix of his generation." Damn, Kate!
  • He has ties to American Idol. Sort of. He wrote the song "Soaked" that appeared on Adam Lambert's debut album, For Your Entertainment.
  • He lost his virginity at 15. Bellamy said that he was "either 15 or 16" when he lost his virginity at the Reading Music Festival. I mean, really, does it get any more rock 'n' roll than that?

What do you think of Matthew Bellamy, Kate's new beau? I think he's cute.

Image via Dave Hogan/Getty

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