'Born This Way' Cover Art: Top Theories On What It Means

Say what you will about Lady Gaga, she always knows how to get people talking about her. This weekend Gaga revealed the cover art to her hotly anticipated new Born This Way album via Twitter, and it's ...

Well, it's hideous, if you ask me.

Designed by Nick Knight and the Haus of Gaga, the cover depicts Gaga as a sort of half-human half-motorcycle cyborg-wheeled-centaur thing festooned with gleaming chrome and wildly-tossed hair. The whole thing is black and white except for Gaga's lips, and frankly, it appears to have been created by someone with an Intro to Digital Manipulation manual (Chapter One: Embossing Metallic Text, Chapter Two: Lens Flares Are Your Friend). Plus, the perspective feels all messed up—the bike-thing is sideways! No, it's at an angle! No, it was copied and pasted from Photoshop Disasters!

Why would someone known for pushing the boundaries in creativity put out such a lousy album cover? Here are a couple theories:


She owns the machine. Some people think she hinted at this design in a remark she made during a Google interview with fans in early March: "I don't want to be part of the machine. I want the machine to be part of me."

It's fake. Message board chatter has led to the idea that it might be a fake. The theory is that since her single "Judas" was just released, Gaga will betray her fans three times the way Judas betrayed Jesus.

She's taking us for a ride. She's revved up, she's the one driving, and the art is a raised middle finger to over-commercialized pop star images.

She's getting the exact results she hoped for.
It's hard to imagine just what else she could have done with the art that would have created so much passionate discussion among her fans—I mean, meat dress? So 2010. Putting out a mystifyingly fugly cover that half her fans hate and the other half will defend to their deaths: brilliant. 

What do you think of the artwork? Will you be buying her album on May 23?

Image via Twitter

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