Cee Lo Green to Coachella: It's All About Me

cee lo greenMan, I miss living in Los Angeles right now. My Facebook, and the Internet in general, is rife with photos of awesome people watching awesome bands at awesome Coachella. It looks awesome. The weather is perfect. The drinks are a flowin'. And musicians' egos are more popular than the neon green Ray-Bans that are populating the festival. Well, at least Cee Lo Green's.

Cee Lo Green, singer of the insanely popular (and to me, insanely annoying) song, "Forget You," showed up for his set 30 minutes late. You might be thinking NBD, he's a musician. Musicians are always running late. Yes, they are. I married one, I know. However, musicians shouldn't be showing up late when the show isn't all about them, when there's a schedule to keep. And they definitely shouldn't storm off the stage like a big, fat baby.


When Cee Lo took the stage yesterday, he greeted his sweltering hot fans by saying, "I only have 20 minutes to perform." Nice, huh? He managed to get through his hits, "Forget You," "Crazy," and a few others, but eventually dude got the plug pulled on him. Midway through a cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" his sound was cut. And he was pissed off. He abruptly left the stage, leaving his fans confused.

Dude. It's a music festival. Not a Cee Lo Green festival. Show up on time. You're taking time away from other performers with your diva ways. Fans from all over the country (and world!) made the trip to see these bands (but, mainly to walk around in awesome outfits, get drunk, and hopefully make out with a 30 Seconds to Mars member). Don't storm off stage when your sound gets cut. It's your fault!

Then there was Lauryn Hill. The former Fugees singer showed up a half hour late for her set, also (after recently writing an open letter to fans in Atlanta, apologizing for showing up an hour late). But, she came in with a nice, all around pleasant attitude. Instead of saying, "Listen, guys, this is going to be quick," she said, "It's time to straighten out the energy in here." Hill ended her set six minutes late and wasn't cut.

So, maybe take a page from the Book of Hill, Cee Lo Mean. Try being nice. Try making it about the fans and the music, instead of you. I gotta be honest with you, you're skating on thin ice here, buddy. First, you perform at the Grammys with Gwyneth Paltrow, now this? One more strike and you're out of my iTunes, my friend.

What do you think of Cee Lo Green at Coachella?


Image via Kevin Winter/Getty

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