Nicolas Cage Arrested for Domestic Violence, Could Be the Next Charlie Sheen

nicolas cageIt's no secret that the past few years have been rough for Nicolas Cage. He supposedly owes millions in income and property taxes. The mother of his firstborn son sued him for more than $13 million. He filed a $20 million negligence and fraud suit against his business manager, who then accused Cage of ignoring his requests to stop spending what he didn't have. (IE, buying things like yachts, Rolls-Royces, a Gulfstream jet, and 15 homes. You know, the usual.) And don't even get me started on Ghost Rider. Bad times.

Fast-forward to last night. Nic Cage and his wife, Alice, are hanging out in New Orleans, doin' what people in New Orleans do -- drankin'. The couple, as drunk couples often do, started arguing. Then the cops showed up. Then Nicolas pushed his wife. Then he asked the police to arrest him. Then they did! Is someone not getting enough attention lately?


I hate to say this, because I used to be a big Nicolas Cage fan (Adaptation? Amazing), but it kind of looks like no one cares about him anymore. He's not getting any roles in Hollywood. Er, correction, any good roles. And the dude seems to generally go untalked about. So, what do you do when you're being ignored in Tinsel Town? Why, have a public meltdown or drunken altercation, I say!

Here's the thing. Cage was taunting the police. And he pushed his wife -- which is by no means cool, but that's all he did -- shortly after a cabbie pulled up to see if everything was okay. (It was then the cabbie called the cops.) His wife is not pressing any charges, and is denying that he even touched her! The police repeatedly asked Cage to go home, to which he kept replying, "Why don't you just arrest me?" Eventually they did, charging him with disturbing the peace and domestic violence.

Doesn't it seem a teensy bit like Cage was asking for it here? And maybe, just maybe, he did it to get some long-lost publicity. Why should people like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen get to have all the fun? I mean, look at Charlie Sheen! The dude's everywhere these days for being c-c-c-ca-razy! It's a recipe for success cash.

If that is the case, I kind of feel bad for Cage. I mean, the dude's got actual talent, unlike Sheen, who was just on some crap sitcom. But, if I am right, Nicolas, and this was just some sort stunt for publicity, do me a favor and maybe next time don't use your wife as a prop, idiot.

What do you think of Nicolas Cage's drunken (publicity) stunt?


Image via Kirk W/Flickr

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