'Atlas Shrugged' Movie Is a Dream Come True for Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

sarah palinSome books just shouldn't be made into movies. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, American Psycho, and Eat, Pray, Love are a few that come to mind of recent. Now Atlas Shrugged? Really? That is one big (1,168 pages to be exact) -- and strange -- book to make into a movie. Or three!

Atlas Shrugged, the movie, is hitting theaters today, and despite the fact Ayn Rand and Hollywood couldn't make the movie 45 years ago (because they couldn't agree on anything), and the fact that there are no "stars" in the flick, the film actually might do okay since right now the trailer has over a million hits on YouTube! I don't get it, though.

Yes, Atlas Shrugged is a really influential book (yes, I read it. Yes, it took me for-ever.), but it's not movie material. Especially not trilogy movie material! You're no Star Wars, Atlas Shrugged. You're no Lord of the Rings. Get out of my theater!


Okay, part of me -- part of me -- can maybe see making the book into a movie, but this is by no means the type of film that should be seen in three separate installments. Those kinds of movies are fantasy movies. Those kinds of movies are sci-fi movies. Those kinds of movies are not about free markets, entrepreneurialism, government coercion, and overtaxation. You need fan boys for trilogies! You need people lining up in costumes and blowing up the blogosphere for that kind of stuff. Who is going to want to go see this movie thrice? Ooh, I know! Sarah Palin!

Despite the fact that the movie was directed by Paul Johansson, a man who voted for Barack Obama, this movie is pro-Tea Party, through and through. In fact, rallies across the country have featured signs that read, "Who Is John Galt?" -- the book’s opening line -- as well as “Is Atlas Shrugging?” Palin is going to be all over this stuff! She can't wait to watch it three times. Do you think she'll have a viewing party at her place when it comes out on DVD? I would go to that.

I mean, how fun would it be to watch all three films in a six-hour movie marathon at Casa de Palin? We could do each other's hair, make up cool, new words, bake her grandma's famous moose balls. It would be some much-needed girl time! For both of us!

So, I will not be seeing Atlas Shrugged in the theaters. Not only because I think it's a bad book to turn into a movie, I'm holding out for my SP invite.

Check out the trailer:

What do you think of Atlas Shrugged being turned into a movie?


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