Rebecca Black Isn't Good Enough for 'Glee'

rebecca black friday gleeEvery "Friday," I think to myself, "This must be a sign that the Apocalypse -- or at least the end of anything worthwhile in pop culture -- is coming!" I wish the "fun, fun, fun, fun, fun" away so fiercely, but Rebecca Black's abysmal autotuned "hit" (aggghh, how it pains me to use that word) remains. Not only does it remain -- like a creepy roach that thinks it's your roommate -- but its influence grows bigger, stronger ... The latest disappointing turn of events regarding Black's epic FAIL: The track will be covered by Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet, and Mark Salling on the upcoming prom episode of Glee.

Okay, yeah, I saw this one coming from a tween-driven car length away. This song was pretty much made for Glee. How much ya wanna bet there's something in the script about bullying or being an outsider just trying to make your way in or how yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards?!


But just because it makes SENSE doesn't mean I'm okay with it. I'm actually quite disturbed by it.

See, plenty of cultural items go together, as Forrest Gump would say, like peas and carrots -- Sarah Palin and reality TV (both rot brain cells), frozen pizza and cookie dough (both for your fat night in), Miley Cyrus and "salvia" (both legal but wanting to be, like, so badass), you know. But that doesn't mean they aren't totally matches made in cultural Hell.

Alright, maybe I'm being a wee bit harsh. Having her song sung on Glee is probably a dream come true for little Rebecca Black. I should cut her some slack and stop being such "bully!!" And yes, I can restrain myself after this. But on one condition. Glee creator Ryan Murphy better not start a pattern of legitimizing talentless, flash-in-the-pan YouTube sensations. I started watching Glee to see these talented kids cover good music -- classics, really, like Madonna or Stevie Nicks. And I bet if any of us got in a time machine and went even just one year into the future, you would see that no one could remember who the heck Rebecca Black was. "Was that Ditzy Spice?" So, FOX, if you want people to still be watching Glee this time next year, you best make your version of "Friday" a one-time nod to a one "hit" (*eye twitch*) wonder.

How do you feel about the cast of Glee covering Rebecca Black's "Friday"?


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