Is Bethenny Frankel Lying About Her Boobs?

bethenny bikiniI don't think Bethenny Frankel's ever been accused of being too reserved, so I'm not surprised she shared intimate details regarding her breast size to Life & Style magazine. I've been a Bethenny fan since her days on the Real Housewives of New York, and have followed her shows like Bethenny Getting Married and Bethenny Ever After, so I know a thing or two about her personal life. She comes from a place of yes and isn't afraid of the over-share.

I really don't mind the deets because I usually find whatever she says to be quick-witted and honest. But something's not adding up here. She told L&S one thing about her breast size, then on her show this season, she says another ...


The 40-year-old mother, businesswoman, and celebrity cook opened up to the magazine about her issues with her breasts. She explains she went to a plastic surgeon in 2005 to get a boob lift (because hers were saggy) but he talked her out of it:

He told me there would be big lollipop scars if I got a lift. Being single at the time, I wasn't comfortable with that idea. He told me he could instead put in a small implant that would give me a lift -- not as much as a real lift would but at least a little bit of a lift. So I did it.

We all have seen Bethenny's boobs on TV and wondered, "What the hell happened there?" And now we know. She was unhappy with the implants because not only were her boobs still saggy, but now they were huge and saggy. Once she saved up some dough back during her RHONY days, she got her implants removed and the lift she's always wanted. But ... she told L&S she's got 34-Cs.

Didn't I see Beth in a bra shop this season and the sales lady told her she was a size 30-G or a 32-F? Yes, yes I did. I don't mean to put my girl on blast here, but what gives? Inquiring minds want to know her jug size. She said she got the lift in 2008 when her implants were removed ... something is a little fishy here. I think she still has small implants. Boom. Earth shattering, I know.

Bethenny's always been fun to watch, and I recently had one of her Skinny Girl margaritas and hot DANG it was good! I can't wait to have four this weekend then throw up in the back of a cab. Pull a Bethenny, "Someone hold back my boobs ... I'm going to ralph!" OK she never said that, but she might as well. Her boobs are huge, and no matter if they're real or not, I cheers to them. And I also cheers to Cookie, who is the cutest, pyscho-ist dog I've ever seen.

What do you think?

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