'DWTS' Results: Kendra Wilkinson Stays, But Grosses Us All Out

The fourth episode results show of DWTS Season 12 ended with a little twist. It was Sugar Ray Leonard's last dance last night, and as much as someone has to go each night, it was a surprise that it was him.

As Len said, "If Sugar Ray goes, there goes the heart of the show." I will second that. The guy was highly likable and seemed to truly love the show. Coming on the heels of Kendra's dismissive remark about the show, lowest score, and fairly abysmal dance, it was sort of a slap in the face.

On a show that at least likes to pretend to be classy with performances from Jennifer Hudson of "Feelin' Good," a song the ever-classy and sexy jazz singer Nina Simone made famous, and ballet performances from Swan Lake, Kendra's admission that she was having "female troubles" the night before was a little nasty and out of place.


Yes, she was humiliated after saying she didn't care about the dancing on national TV. Yes, she was reprimanded heavily by her partner Louis Van Amstel for her comments and then spent a lot of time crying. But that didn't stop her from blaming it all on female troubles.


Come on now, Kendra. Is that really the best thing to blame? Given all that, it was tough to swallow that Sugar Ray Leonard, who had nothing but love for the show, a peppy can-do spirit, and a desire to always keep working, is going home. Even more disturbing are the people who joined him in "jeopardy" on this show.

Petra Nemcova and Chelsea Kane were both in the bottom three. Although Petra isn't a top contender, I would expect she was better liked than that. But Chelsea could legitimately win this thing! She has talent and creativity. Is she going to lose just because she isn't as well known as the other people?

It's a fact. Every week someone has to go, and on a show where everyone is pretty equal, it's hard to call who that might be. But in the future, it seems that the person who goes ought to be the one who cares the least and least wants to stay.

Judging from Monday night, that should have been Kendra.

Are you happy with the decision?


Image via ABC

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