Lauren Conrad Needs a Swift Kick in the Rear

lauran conrad allureIt was a warm day in September 2004 when I first fell in love with a tanned 17-year-old from a little town called Laguna Beach. Her name was Lauren Conrad, LC if you're in her posse, and she had the blond highlights, the hot guy friends, and the richest parents any high school girl could ever ask for. I wasn't the only one that fell under LC's spell -- we all know she got her own show, The Hills, and is now a fashion designer and a best-selling New York Times ... "author." (We'll let the last one slide a bit, I mean, no one really thinks she's writing these books, right?)

Anyway, LC is like a sister to me to whom I've never spoken and will likely never meet, but it still pains me to hear her say things like "I'm not a sexy person" and "I've seen photos of myself and cringed." LC! Knock it off.


Here's where I run into a little issue with my sis LC. She told Allure magazine that on Laguna Beach, she learned that she just had to be herself.

Then she said:

I'm not a sexy person. I'm OK with it. I've never been the sexy girl. Whenever I've had a boyfriend, he's always been like, "Oh, you're cute."

Then she said:

You're the first person to notice any weight gain or loss, and then to have it pointed out can be embarrassing. You have two good angles and a hundred bad ones. I've seen photos of myself and cringed, "Oh, God, I can never wear those pants again!" If I'm shopping and I see paparazzi, my bag goes directly to my thighs.

Does that sound like LC really learned how to be herself to you? She thinks she's not sexy because some guys have called her "cute," she thinks she's got to cover up her thighs in case the paps get a shot of her in an unflattering angle ... sounds to me like LC is listening too hard to what others say, or what they think.

She's sexy, no doubt about it, but it won't matter if I say it, or a million guys say it, she's got to realize that from within. And her thighs? I never once thought she looked anything but toned -- I want her to realize she looks amazing and not worry what others think. If she really learned how to be herself, like she says she did, then it seems like this would be easy for the 25-year-old fashion designer. 'Fraid it isn't, though.

Lauren, you're sexy, the end. Own it!

What do you think of Lauren saying she's "not a sexy person"?

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