Ashton Kutcher 'Real Men' Sex Slavery Campaign Is RIDICULOUS

There are innovative, powerful ads that win CLIO awards and become the gold standard for creative excellence in the field of communication ... and then there's this 'Real Men Don't Buy Girls' video campaign launched by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

Created on behalf of the Demi and Ashton Foundation, the star-studded ads are intended to educate people about the issue of child sex trafficking. Featuring celebrity buddies like Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, and Sean Penn, the videos ironically challenge viewers' masculinity through such zany images as Timberlake reaching for a chainsaw to trim his stubble ("Real men prefer a close shave").

The only problem? Well, is it just me or is there like no connection whatsoever between Sean Penn making a grilled cheese with an iron (manly!) and the horrific situation of someone paying for an enslaved 7-year-old to give them a blow job?


I mean, I'm not easily worked up over accidental trespasses, but try changing the context slightly. Replace "Buy Girls" with "Rape" and try watching these ads:

Real men don't rape! They just pour milk directly in their cereal boxes HAW HAW HAW HAW.

I'll give them this, their hearts are in the right place. The whole idea with these videos is that you "like" them on Facebook, therefore doing your part to spread the word about the nasty $39 billion business of the sex trade industry.

Of course, you could avoid this whole insane, borderline offensive "real man" business altogether and just donate
directly to the foundation. Just saying. As a real woman.

Image via YouTube

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