Benicio del Toro Having a Baby With WHO?

Ready for your daily moment of Celebrity WTF? It turns out Benicio del Toro is going to be a dad soon, and the mom is ... Kimberly Stewart.

Yes. Kimberly (the 31-year-old blonde Paris-Hilton-esque socialite daughter of Rod) Stewart.

Well, that's certainly random, but now that they have a kid on the way, I'm sure we'll be reading about their lavish wedding plans soon, and—oh, wait. According to del Toro's rep, although they're "looking forward to the arrival of the baby," they're not a couple.

Actually, let's be real, they probably never were. They've never been photographed together, or even gossiped about. Tabloids are scrambling to dig up any prior news of their relationship, but I'm guessing it involved nothing more than some drunken hookups, possibly in a grimy men's room somewhere.


(I'm not saying for sure they hooked up in a filthy bar toilet. Come on, how would I know? I'm just saying it seems like a possibility.)

As bizarre and left-field as this pregnancy announcement seems, it's not much of a surprise that they were, uh, intimate with each other. Stewart used to date Jude Law and Rhys Ifans, and was engaged twice before: once to serial starlet-lover Cisco Adler, and another time to Laguna Beach's Talan Torriero. As for del Toro, he's the guy who reportedly got it on with Scarlett Johansson in an elevator.

Really, I'd bet half of Hollywood is in each other's pants at any given moment, it's just that the majority of the time the parties in question know a thing or two about birth control. I mean, if we could wave a magic instant-fertility wand over a random bunch of celebs, I'd bet we could generate a pretty interesting gene pool.

At any rate, a baby is always happy news, right? Congratulations to the happy ... uh, to the ... well, congratulations! I have to say, I'm quite interested to see who she/he ends up looking like.

Are you surprised to hear about these parents-to-be?

Image via Flickr/LinaRojas

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