Proof Kate Middleton & Prince William Are Meant to Be (VIDEO)

kate middleton 13Most of us tend to be rather skeptical about the idea of destiny or soul mates. We usually believe our guy's "The One," but we would rarely admit we thought we're together thanks to some fated master plan. Leave those cockamamie, rom-com-ish ideas to idealistic tween and teen girls. Well, there was once a 13-year-old who knew exactly who she was meant to be with ... princess-to-be Kate Middleton!

Yup, now there's actual physical proof that the royal couple was totally destined to fall in love and get married. It all has to do with Middleton's first marriage proposal ...

In a home video that aired on ABC News, we see 13-year-old Kate performing in a school play called "Murder in the Red Barn." The script calls for a palm reader to tell her that a rich and handsome man would fall in love with her and marry her.


"Will he take me away from here?" she asked.

"Yes, to London," the palm reader replies.

"That's all I ever hoped for," the young future princess tells the fortune teller, as her "meant-to-be" suitor makes his entrance. And get this -- his name is none other than WILLIAM! Sure, he wasn't a prince, but how crazy-slash-adorable is that?!

As the world becomes more and more obsessed with Middleton and the impending royal wedding, we're seeing remnants of Middleton's past unearthed ... videos, diaries, weird old roommates who give interviews about the "real Kate Middleton!" But this relic is one I find just so charming!

I'm sure at age 13, Kate knew all about her real future husband. He was in teenybopper mags right next to Leonardo DiCaprio and Devon Sawa. (I think I even recall having a pinup of Prince Wills on my wall as a tween!) But just like Katie Holmes supposedly dreamt about one day marrying Tom Cruise (because Top Gun Tom was way less creepy than Scientologist Tom), I'm sure neither woman as a teen truly believed they would one day marry their famous crush!

But look how it played out for Kate. She really did get her rich and handsome man in London. See -- maybe this is a sign that it's time for us adult women to stop being such skeptics! Maybe this cute story will inspire you to revive that hopeless romantic streak from your junior high years. Because who knows ... sometimes, fairy tales do come true!

Here's the video:


Do you think there were any signs you and your partner were "meant to be" before you actually met him?


Image via ABC

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