Jailed Gucci Mane Gets Flirty Tweets From Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Gucci Mane
Miley Cyrus with Gucci Mane
Rapper Gucci Mane is a walking disaster, as far as I can tell. Dude's been in the hospital for substance abuse and a psychiatric evaluation, he's had trouble with the law -- served six months for a 2005 aggravated assault for which he's still on probation -- and, well, he has an ice cream cone tattooed on his face. Need I say more? Alright I will. He's also currently in the slammer for pushing a woman out of his car -- while it was moving! Yikes!

So why is Miley Cyrus tweeting him up then? Is he just enough of a "bad boy" disaster for her?


According to MTV, Gucci Mane was arrested on Friday on the battery charge of pushing a woman out of his Hummer back in January, which earned him a warrant for the horrible alleged offense. So since he's on probation, this gets him a probation violation charge too.

The victim says she got in the car with the rapper at the mall in January when he pulled up and invited her to breakfast -- and assumably because he was the famous rapper Gucci Mane (the ice cream cone face kinda gives him away)! However, then Mane offered her $150 for some hotel action instead and she refused, prompting him to toss her out the passenger side while the car was still moving.

The day before Gucci's arrest, Miley Cyrus dedicated three tweets in a row to him:

Don't mind me just showin off muahhh grill with @gucci1017 at the urrrport! (with the photo above)

So... In honor of @gucci1017 I was singing the Ice Cream Freeze on the airplane & Denika told me to shut up & I'm embarrassing her.

You know what would be my summer jam??? @tracecyrus and @gucci1017 on a track together! HAYYY!

Yep, this looks like a case of tweet-flirting indeed. Not to mention trying to hook her musician brother Trace up with this hot mess for a duet. What is she doing? I mean, we all go through a bad boy stage when we're young, but this guy is pushing the envelope on "bad."

What do you think? Is Miley flirting with Gucci Mane or what?


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