Christina Grimmie & Selena Gomez: A Teen Dream Tour Team

Christina GrimmieIf you haven't yet heard of Christina Grimmie, it's likely you soon will, especially if you are ever in the presence of young girls. The lucky 17-year-old Grimmie has been selected to tour with none other than the teen queen herself -- Selena Gomez & her band, The Scene. OMG! (Sorry but this really  is one of the most appropriate places to use that overused acronym.)

While she's no Rebecca Black, Grimmie is a YouTube singing sensation in her own right. Her rendition of  Nelly's "Just A Dream" with Sam Tsui, has gotten more than 5 million views, and her YouTube channel has more than 54,000 subscribers. In January, The Daily Gamecok said she was the 11th most subscribed musician of all time on YouTube. The biggest difference between her and Black -- Grimmie is an incredibly talented singer who has been recognized for her voice instead of a catchy/make-your-ears-bleed tune.  Her voice is deep, soulful, and powerful. Here she is singing Gomez's song "Who Says."


Pretty good, huh? Still how did she get so lucky as to be selected for Gomez's tour? Well, her managers just so happen to be Gomez's parents, Brian and Mandy Teefey, so that helps; and she has already opened for Gomez as well as for the Jonas Brothers, so she has her stage legs. This tour, however, will be her big debut.

From Papillion, Nebraska, to Puyallup, Washington, she'll be covering the country with Gomez with a full summer concert schedule. Check her out here making the announcement about the tour:

While she typically sings covers, she promises to sing some original material. She also expresses her deep appreciation for her fans and promises to meet and mingle with them along the way. *squeal*

These two girls together pretty much encompass the dreams of 90 percent of the population of young girls -- to either date Justin Bieber or to become an overnight singing sensation. (Note to those dreaming of being an astrophysicist: Please hold onto those dreams! ) I predict many a mom is going to be dragged to one of these concerts this summer.  If you're among them, all I have to say is be thankful that Gomez didn't pick Rebecca Black.

Have you heard of Christina Grimmie before? What do you think of her music?

Image via YouTube

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