George Clooney Joke Was a Bad Move, Jennifer Aniston

George Clooney

Jennifer Aniston joked recently to UK's Red Women magazine that she should just marry George Clooney and have his babies to shut everyone up about their chronically single statuses. And of course everyone's writing about this and laughing ha-ha and even thinking, hmm, that's not a bad idea. We'd love for them to get together! Even if it is a joke!

But um, Jennifer, didn't you forget about something in making that little jibe? Like, that George Clooney does have a girlfriend, one Elisabeth Canalis, who I imagine might be a little ticked at you right now trying to make moves on her boyfriend.


I know she's not, but really, Jennifer should know better than to make a joke about something like this ... to a magazine. That will be read by people, especially those working at the tabloids. These reporters are not capable of recognizing humor and sarcasm, or they are trained to just disregard it.

They are going to seize on this "serious" comment like a shark let loose in Lake Como. She'll keep insisting it was just a joke, but tomorrow some two-page article featuring a celebrity psychologist will provide a detailed Freudian analysis of her and her comment, saying it was anything but a joke, that is was really a subconsciously suppressed desire masked as a humor in a woman trying desperately to make sense of a lonely, unfulfilled desire to find a man.

And now she's got Elisabeth Canalis mad at her too. Or maybe that was her goal, because of the whole Iggy Pop comparison thing on Twitter last year? Canalis claimed it was all a big misunderstanding, but maybe she knows something we don't.

I love you, Jennifer, I really do. (And not for nothin' but you and George would make some pretty fab babies.) I know you feel like you have to keep convincing the world that you are happy without a man, but encouraging those tabloids unnecessarily is not the way to do it. So do yourself a favor, love, and please save the jokes for the rom-coms.


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