Helen Mirren on 'SNL' Tonight -- Get Ready to LYAO

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Set your DVRs, or drink a couple of extra cups of coffee after dinner and actually stay up late tonight, because it just might be worth your while to turn on Saturday Night Live tonight. Yeah, SNL is hit or miss lately. But tonight promises to be a little different because award-winning actress Helen Mirren is hosting.

What? But she's a serious actress, you say. She like, plays the Queen of England and does all that Shakespeare stuff. How can someone like that actually be funny, you're thinking, right?

First off all, whenever a comedy show like SNL gets a very unlikely guest host, like Mirren, one that you don't think of as funny or that doesn't fit in with the youthful, sophomoric, pop culture vibe of the show, you just know that she is going to be hysterical. And not just because of the whole fish out of water thing, either.

Because in addition to being an amazing award-winning actress for serious roles, the 65-year-old Mirren is a downright LOL brilliant comedien.


Mirren is appearing to promote her new romantic comedy, a remake of Arthur, starring Russell Brand in the classic Dudley Moore role. It opened Friday. In the remake, which also stars Jennifer Garner and Greta Gerwig as the Liza Minelli character, Mirren plays Hobson, Arthur the drunk playboy's female butler/governess/friend, and from the looks of the official Arthur trailer, the movie looks worth seeing for her performance alone.

If you don't believe me, just check out her most recent work on Funny or Die, in which she stars against Billy Crystal for a remake of When Harry Met Sally. O. M. G. You will not see the ending coming, I promise.


Anyone still doubt Mirren can pull out the laughs now? Right. I didn't think so. Carry on.

Will you be watching Helen Mirren tonight on Saturday Night Live?


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