A 'Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart' Gift List for Robert Pattinson

kristen stewart robert pattinsonKristen Stewart is turning 21 today, April 9. But when you've snagged one of entertainment's handsomest hunks, what else could a girl even need? And if Robert Pattinson is like a typical guy, he'll be running out at the last minute to get her gift.

Not to worry R. Pattz, just look at our list of suggestions for birthday gifts K. Stew is sure to love. Starting with the al-al-al-al-al-al-chohol ...


Vampyre Vodka: Yes, it's really real. The vodka, which you can order online, is totally the perfect ceremonial 21st-birthday gift. And of course, if K. Stew isn't big into vodka, you can always just get her 21 beers, bite them with your fake fangs and the shotgun accordingly.

A puppy: Kristen's a huge fan of animals! I'm sure you two have had your fair share of walks in the park with one of her three dogs. But who's to say that three is enough? AND, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to test out your great parenting advice! Tip No. 1: Don't swear around the dog, it can hear you.

An engagement ring: Sure, we all ogled Bella's engagement ring in New Moon. But all of her true fans are just waiting to see confirmation of the real thing! No more of those breakup rumors, okay? Let's just make this offish, for real!

A tune-up: You gave Kristen a guitar for her 18th birthday. And I'm sure it's about time that it could use a few new strings. Of course, this alone is not enough. You could just get her a new guitar ... or five. Or maybe a guitar and a drum set! I feel like drums are a good way to get rid of the extra aggression post-paparazzi encounters, don't you?

A hefty donation: Twihards everywhere are teaming up for a cause in honor of your lady friend's birthday by donating to her most-supported charity, Covenant House. And half the work is done for you! An outstanding 22 Twilight fan sites have banded together and already set up a Paypal account to raise money for the charity that's dedicated to helping child runaways get off the street. Men love easy gifts, right? Putting in your credit card information is almost effortless.

Whatever you get K. Stew, I'm sure it's gonna be great Robby. Just make sure not to let the festivities get out of hand. A gal only turns 21 once, after all. It's best not to remember it.

What do you think Robert should get Kristen for her big 2-1? Join us in wishing Kristen happy birthday!

Image via Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

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