Karina Smirnoff 'Playboy' Shoot Controversy Is Ridiculous

If the rumors are true, Karina Smirnoff could be in hot water with Dancing With the Stars execs over her choice to strip down for Playboy magazine.

According to sources, ABC is pissed that Smirnoff's nude photo shoot could sully the otherwise innocent and family-friendly image of the hit dancing show. You know, the show where dancers wear demure head-to-toe costumes designed to make sure a body part is never revealed, and the contestants themselves are chosen on the basis of their prestigious reputations in the entertainment industry.

Like this season's dancer, former stripper and Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson!


There's been no official announcement from Smirnoff being in Playboy, but Hugh Hefner decided to make the news public via his Twitter feed this week. Oh, but maybe she's just, like, in the magazine in her official capacity. Wearing a ballroom gown or something.

Or … not.

Ok, fine, so she's showing her Jackoff Smirnoff to the world—big deal. I've never actually suffered through Dancing With the Stars, but I have never thought of it as a G-rated family show. From the D-listers they court to the skimpy costumes they wear, the whole thing isn't exactly Disney on Ice.

Besides, the show clearly LOVES controversy. Why else would they pick people like Kate Gosselin, Bristol Palin, and The Situation?

Smirnoff's naked cha-cha will likely generate a fresh wave of new interest in the show, if only from lecherous dudes praying for a wardrobe malfunction. Hey, how is that any different than watching David Hasselhoff in the hopes he shows up drunk and sloppily eats a burger in front of the judges?

Do you think Karina Smirnoff should get in trouble for a Playboy shoot?

Image via ABC

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