Beastie Boys Rock ... in the Nursing Home (VIDEO)

Twenty-five years ago, the Beastie Boys wrote the anthem for all of us rebels. We all had to "Fight for Your Right" to read porno mags, party with our friends, and generally cause a ruckus. Now, a quarter of a century later, the Beastie Boys are back again. And wow, are they making me feel old.

Their new album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 is scheduled to release May 3. They posted one song on their website after it leaked online and then they released a trailer for the 30-minute video, Fight for Your Right Revisited. It stars Jack Black, Ted Danson, Will Ferrell, and a few other stars, and it mocks how old the Beastie Boys are now (mid-40s). While Mike D., MCA, and Ad-Rock may have an all-star lineup of supporters, they are all old, too.

I'm betting if my kids were a little older and they were into party-anthems, they would probably not seek out the Beasties. Sorry, guys I still love you. See for yourself:


The fact is, this is mommy music now. Maybe I will be surprised, but I kind of doubt it. Is the under-25 set really going to rock out to a band whose music had its peak around the mid-1980s? How rebellious is it to listen to music about how square mom and dad are when mom and dad rocked out to the same band in high school?

Every word I am writing pains me. I LOVE the Beasties. They are BAD ass. But I'm pretty sure even the term "bad ass" proves I'm 110.

Watch the video and see for yourself. They're smart to milk the old thing, but I'm afraid people will see through it and think, "Yeah, it's funny, but they ARE geezers." Because, uh, they are.

It's a shame, really. Young people can't recognize true masters. Goddamn kids today ...

Do you think the Beasties will do well with their new album?


Image via YouTube

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