'DWTS' Karina Smirnoff in 'Playboy': How Will Ralph Macchio Feel?

Karina Smirnoff, the DWTS pro currently boogieing with Ralph Macchio, is going to pose nude for Playboy, making it official: DWTS is just prime-time-friendly pornography. We all know it. But it was kind of under the radar before. Now it's in your face.

The amount of hook-ups on the show are legendary. Smirnoff alone dated her "star" (if one can call Mario Lopez a "star") and she was engaged to Maksim Chmerkovskiy, which ended after nine months. Now, of course, it's no big shock to equate dancing and sex. Sweaty bodies moving together, late nights, early mornings, it all kind of makes sense. There is a reason dancing makes them all look so dang good ...

But posing nude in the middle of the season is just a little awkward ... for Ralph Macchio and his wife!


Was anyone else the teensiest bit creeped out by Macchio's dance of love for his wife that he actually danced with the sultry Smirnoff?

OK, so we know there are no chances of love between these two. The 33-year-old is engaged to marry baseball player Brad Penny, but she has been engaged before. All I'm saying is if I were Macchio's wife, I guess I would have been psyched if she had disrobed AFTER she was done gyrating on my husband for the season. 

This isn't Smirnoff's first time posing nude, either. She did an ad for PETA in the buff with the tag-line: "I'd rather dance naked than wear fur" (indeed!).

And Hugh Hefner has other Dancing With the Stars friends as well. Season 12 contestant Kendra Wilkinson is a former Hefner girlfriend and Holly Madison, another girlfriend, competed in the past.

Wonder if Smirnoff will make the leap from a baseball player to the sexy octogenarian. Never say never ... anything is possible with a woman crazy enough to let the always smoldering Maks go so easily.

Are you surprised she is posing nude?


Image via ABC

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