Beastie Boys New Song: Not Bad for Some Middle-Aged White Dudes

Beastie BoysAfter all these years, the Beastie Boys still know how to make us want to fight for our right to party, even if most of the parties we attend these days are of the Barney-themed variety. Their new single "Make Some Noise" has been making its way around the web, and it's good -- especially for a bunch middle-aged white guys.

These guys who made up my high school dreams are now in their mid-40s. How that's possible, I'm not sure, but the fact that they can still put out such bangin' tunes is pretty impressive.

The song is off of their upcoming album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, which is scheduled to release May 3. They posted it on their website after it leaked online. "This wasn’t really part of the plan, but since this track is out there, we wanted to let you hear it here first, or maybe second. Enjoy,” Mike D stated.


It's a blast from the past for sure. It's the same signature, party-inducing sound, and hallelujah, there's a cow bell thumping along to the tune beat.

Initial reviews are good. Rolling Stone said, "The track is anchored by a chunky, overdriven organ part, but the beat is loose and groovy like the best of the trio's Nineties material." Spin Magazine said:

"Make Some Noise" is a welcome return to the Beasties energetic, loud-mouthed hey-day of classic albums like Check Your Head, even though the dudes are now in their mid-40s.

They're still also the bane of parents everywhere with their rebellious messages. This one may not be as rebellious as their earlier touts of smoking, drinking, and porno mags, but now as a parent myself, I have to say encouraging children to make even more noise than they already do may be even more dangerous. 

What do you think of the Beastie Boys' new tune "Make Some Noise"?

Image via yacht boy/Flickr

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