Mariah Carey Nude Pregnant Photo: Someone Please Stop This Trend

The only thing that's surprising about Mariah Carey's pregnant nude magazine cover is that it's Life & Style. I mean, seriously, that was the best she could do? I would have guessed People would have been all over that.

Well, and frankly, it's not a terribly flattering shot. I don't know what the other pictures look like, but having been massively pregnant myself a couple of times, I can tell you from personal experience you really don't want to do a three-quarters angle. Go profile is what I'm saying.

If you're wondering why Carey chose to share such intimate images with the entire known universe, she explains, "[I] didn't want to miss an opportunity to document a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Right. Because posing for a magazine was the only way to do that. At least, that's what plenty of celebrities seem to think, because Carey joins a seemingly endless list of nude-and-bulging stars:


Christina Aguilera. Aw, remember when Xtina was all happy and married and not, like, falling down drunk all the time?


Britney Spears. You have to love the thumb-tastefully-covering nipple pose. And by "love" I mean "be made uncomfortable by."


Cindy Crawford. Seven months along and her ass hasn't dropped to the floor. No fair.


Demi Moore. The original trend-setter herself and the only one who gets a free pass.

Here's the thing: I can understand taking nude photos during pregnancy for your own personal memories. I can understand sharing maternity photos with the public when you're a celebrity, especially if the alternative is letting the paparazzi share crappy pictures of you bent over and tying your shoe or something.

I can't, however, quite wrap my head around stars who go preggo-nude on the front of a magazine. It's just ... it's SO MUCH. I feel like I'm seeing WAY more than I want to see, even though I obviously believe pregnancy is lovely and natural and all that.

Are you a fan of the naked pregnant celebrity trend?

Images via the following magazines: Life & Style, Marie Clair, Bazaar, W, and Vanity Fair

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