Cutest Talking YouTube Twins -- 40 Years Later (VIDEO)

talking twin babies The famed YouTube talking twins

Everyone is going wild for YouTube sensations the cutest Talking Twin Babies. But don't you kind of wonder what's going to happen when the famous babbling duo grows up? Will their conversation change? How will their relationship evolve? Will they remain so sweetly bonded into adulthood? Will they always be the most adorable talking twins ever?

Find out as we take you 40 years into the future to show you -- Talking Twin Men.


I imagine 40+ years of your single-socked brother shaking his hand around in your face can get pretty old after awhile. Here's what happens when the cutest talking twins grow up.

WATCH "Twin Men Have a Conversation":

Does that answer all your questions?

Are you laughing or what?


Image via YouTube

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