This Justin Bieber Look-Alike Is Sooo Girlie (VIDEO)

justin bieberWanna see something freaky? Dani Shay -- who is a totally adorable little girl with a short haircut -- looks exactly like Justin Bieber. Like, exactly.

And like the Biebs, she, too, is a musician. In fact, she's got quite the little following on YouTube (surely nothing to do with the fact that she's the most famous pop star in the world's doppelganger). So, Dani, perhaps being a little comedienne, perhaps capitalizing on her resemblance, wrote a song to the beat of "Baby" called "What the Hell" about how she looks just like Justin. And it's good!

I'm usually not one for YouTube sensation signers -- typically because they're famous because they're a joke, not because they're talented (ahem, Rebecca Black), but Dani is the real deal! Sure, she's using her Bieberness to get a following, but music is a tough biz -- work it, little lady!

Check out Dani and her song after the jump. It's crazy!


What do you think of Dani Shay?


Image via YouTube

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