'Till the World Ends' Shows It's Not Over for Britney Spears (VIDEO)

britney spears till the world endsBritney Spears may be everywhere now that her new album Femme Fatale is out. But a lot of us loyal fans have yet to be convinced that our old Britney's really "back." Her dad's still legally in charge of her life, and on her Good Morning America concert, the old spark was still sorrowfully absent from her choreography. But it's a whole new day for the former Princess of Pop: The premiere for her "Till the World Ends" video was today, and legally requiring the backup dancers to be sober during the filming process seems to have paid off, because the finished product is AWESOME. I actually want to watch it over and over! It's like the inverse of the lowest of the low ("Gimme More") and even 10x better than the recent vid for "Hold It Against Me."


What I love is that Britney's bright-eyed and totally smiley-happy ... even though the video's supposed to take place on December 21, 2012, aka The Eve of the End of the World! Her sexy-meets-sunny attitude fits the plot: She's clearly the Belle of the Ball in a sexy, underground party that's taking place just before the Apocalypse.

Some critics have even said that the vid for the Ke$ha-penned track actually has a Ke$ha feel to it, and I could see that. Ke$ha's whole shtick and style seem to be post-Apocolyptic dirty-chic, and Brit Brit wears costumes that kind of infuse the "I just fell out of a space-age garbage" look with runway, fashion-forward elements. (Of course, it almost goes without saying, the costumes aren't anywhere CLOSE to Gaga caliber, but that's okay.)

Also, long-time fans will love that toward the end, Brit wears a modern day update on her "Oops! I Did It Again" red jumpsuit. This version is way hotter. It also feels a little "Slave for You"-ish in that Brit's intermittently surrounded by a ton of gyrating dancers.

Oh, but, the biggest thing worth raving about is her dancing! The main choreography is the same routine we saw her perform on GMA, but here in the video, she's doing the steps with pep and attitude! Granted, the editing may be helping her along, but these moves are actually really pleasurable to watch ... because it looks like she's actually having fun this time! I'm not sure why she couldn't bring the same heat to her live act, and that's a reason I'm not convinced I'll be seeing her live this summer, but I certainly am thrilled that she's bringing this energy back to her videos ... especially this one, which more than does the hot track justice.

Here's the video in its entirety:

What do you think? Is this the old Britney we knew and loved?


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