'Dark Knight Rises' With Pittsburgh as Gotham? Puh-leeze!

Pittsburgh isn't exactly high up on most people's lists of must-see US cities. Sure, we can think of 64 reasons the city rocks, but Batman's Gotham in the latest sequel Dark Knight Rises is supposed to be alive, dark, full of twists, turns, and vibrancy. Um ... Pittsburgh isn't exactly a bastion of any of those things. Although they do have the dark, dreary, and somewhat depressing part down.

The series started in Chicago, but director Christopher Nolan announced that after filming the last two installments there, he's heading to Pittsburgh to shoot the third installment. Calling Pittsburgh "beautiful," Nolan said he chose the city for its architecture and diverse locations for shooting.

Or money. One or the other. Understandably, fans were less than thrilled. Here are some tweets and comments:


GoldenSaucerGuy tweeted:

Where can we find a dark gritty town that matches the lawless dirty under city that is gotham? #darkknightrises

GD commented on a Deadline story:

I’m surprised they would go for such a trashy, low rent city like Pittsburgh. Might as well film in a septic tank or port o' potty.

Johnbambenek4 tweeted:

Christopher Nolan: "I am excited to spend the summer in Pittsburgh" Right... #darkknightrises

Mikey on EW commented:

From what I’ve read, shooting in Pittsburgh will be limited to exterior shots..the rest will be shot in England, much like the previous two films. Kudos to Pittsburgh for getting this though. There are plenty of other cities in the rust belt that would be perfect doubling as the slums of Gotham.

On the same article, Skip 182 said:

I agree, it should have been Detroit. Film it at a Redwings game and you’ve got the bleakest Batman movie of all time.

Of course, not everyone is unhappy about it. Conallen tweeted:

OMG! Sooo happy to see #DarkKnightRises will film in Pittsburgh! Having lived there for years, I can definitely say this will work.

What do you think of the decision?

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