Robert Pattinson Is Too Dirty for Reese Witherspoon

Robert PattinsonSay it ain't so! Robert Pattinson, object of all teen girls' (and their moms') desire, is, in a word, "disgusting." Hey, don't shoot the messenger Twi-hards. This comes from none other than his Water for Elephants co-star, Reese Witherspoon. For shame Reese! For shame! Does she think getting married again means she's got to put up a front of hating on everyone's favorite sparkly vampire?

Well, maybe there's a tad bit more to it. RPatz told MTV that he, ahem, snotted all over Reese during their love scenes. Said Pattinson:

I was kind of sniffing a bit, and Reese was like "You're the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. You're ... the sickest actor I've ever worked with." I was like, Oh great.

Ye-owch! Way to kick a guy when he's down! It seems to have been said in jest -- Pattinson got a good laugh -- but I can list at least a few women who wouldn't kick Pattinson out of their bed for being a little sniffly. 


What about you? Is Robert Pattinson with a cold too dirty for you?

Image via YouTube

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