Charlie Sheen Road Show: Let's Give Him a Break

So Charlie Sheen launches his My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour, and the first night on stage in Detroit, he bombs—in a spectacular fashion. People boo, yell "you suck!" and walk out while demanding refunds, and Sheen ends the show after less than an hour on stage.

It sounds like his live show career is over, practically before it even got started. On the blogosphere and Twitter, opinions go flying back and forth about how stupid people were to buy tickets and how they should be ashamed of themselves for supporting Sheen's descent into clinical insanity. "Anyone who paid to see that disaster deserves to lose their money," people say, smugly.

Then one day later in front of a sold-out crowd of 3,600 in Chicago, Charlie Sheen finishes his second show ... to a standing ovation.

What the hell?


Now, I'm no rabid Charlie Sheen fan, and believe me, I have no plans to purchase a ticket for his violent torpedo of anything. But is it possible that he's just trying to figure things out as he goes?

After the Detroit show, Sheen and his team
majorly revamped the show's format. They ditched the blathering monologues and random video clips, and used an MC who guided Sheen through a sort of Q&A.

Sheen told E! they worked hard to improve on his Detroit performance:

Yeah, we talked about it on the bus coming back, tons of input, then when I got back to the hotel and I wrote, we started writing, just to get some thoughts out, some feelings out, just some stuff that would be interesting, just stories, you know, themes, whatever, just bullet points.

He added that despite the name of the tour, defeat may have actually been on the table for a bit:

(…) there was a moment on the bus when it was like, we can just keep going, we can drive home.

The thing is, aside from his recent antics, Sheen isn't exactly known for live performances. This sort of tour has no familiar format—it is, at its heart, nothing more than a glorified excuse to get in the same room as a celebrity. Is it really any surprise he's not knocking it out of the park yet?

Buy a ticket or don't buy a ticket, but maybe cut the guy some slack for working his ass off to extend these 15 minutes of infamy in a legitimate, non-hookers-and-blow fashion.

Also, let's be real: how many people do you think were
delighted to hear Sheen's first show was an utter bomb? If you're reveling in schadenfreude, is that really so much better than paying to see the guy live?

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