Olivia Wilde & Justin Timberlake Are Dating -- I Just Know It!

olivia wildeOkay, so what happens when two super famous, super attractive people of the opposite sex break up with their significant others around the same time? Um, they get together with each other of course! Enter Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde.

Yes, Justin, who just broke up with Jessica Biel, and Olivia, who recently got divorced from her husband, the son of an Italian prince, Tao Ruspoli, are just two people who are totally not a couple -- they're just friends who recently shot a movie together, and who snuggle with each other at night clubs until 3 a.m. Yep, nothin' to see here.


I mean, really, guys, don't you know that you can't do anything in this day and age without me -- and the rest of the world -- knowing? You're busted. The jig is up. Time to come clean. No need for Olivia to take things to the ol' Twitter to try to cover her tracks. You're not fooling anyone, sweetie.

What I'm wondering, though, is -- how's Jessica taking it? Let's be honest, she always seemed like she was a little more into Justin than he was into her. How much would that suck if your ex was plastered over every magazine and blog in the world with his new lady-love? Lucky for her, though, all she has to do is take one sip of a coffee within a three-mile radius of a semi-famous dude, and they'll be "dating" in no time. Personally, I'd like to see her with somebody totally random. Ooh, how about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson?!

As for Justin and Olivia -- I give it two months, tops. Actors are crazy people, who sometimes can't tell the difference between pretend romance and real romance. There's no way it's going to last. Wasn't he just linked to Mila Kunis?!

Whatever, though, it'll be fun to watch. Almost as fun as Jessica and Dwayne.

What do you think of Justin and Olivia getting together?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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