'DWTS': Kirstie Alley Fall Proves Perfection Is Overrated

The third episode of Season 12 of DWTS was the traditional "try to make the contestants cry for entertainment value" episode. It totally worked, natch.

Each star picked their own song and it was supposed to be a song that meant something in their life and told a story about their life in some way. In other words, it was a good night for gossip and high emotion.

Carrie Ann Inaba unleashed the biggest gush of the evening (of course), especially after Chris Jericho's emotional tribute to his dead mother through his rumba with Cheryl Burke that they set to "Let It Be." In her defense, I cried, too. But I told my husband I had an eyelash in my eye, so it doesn't count.

Jericho wasn't the only one who made me cry, though.


Romeo's story was also pretty sad. He lost two cousins, one to a car accident and one who was beaten to death. It was a heart-wrenching story, but begged a major question: Why on earth is "I'll Be There" the song that makes him think the most of his family. I honestly think if he had chosen a song that was a little more connected with a sense of loss as opposed to a LOVE SONG, he may have had better remarks from Judge Len Goodman.

My third tear-fest of the evening came from Petra Nemcova's dance, which I could have predicted given all she has been through after she survived a tsunami. I so want to hate her because she is so stunningly perfect, it hurts to look at her, but dang. It's hard to hate her because as perfect as she is on the outside, she also seems to be very understated, sweet, and loving, too. Plus she made me cry. Grrr ... 

The most touching dances were the last two, though. Kirstie Alley's rumba with Maksim Chmerkovskiy was a perfect microcosm of the story she was trying to tell almost entirely unintentionally. She lost her mother in a drunk driving accident just hours before she found out that she got her first major role in Hollywood. Tears were already flowing before her dance to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

But then there was the fall ... oh the fall. Maks' thigh gave out as he was holding Kirstie, which is sure to prove embarrassing for her given the controversy over her weight and the fight with George Lopez. But she got up, she finished the dance strong, and she proved that resiliency isn't just something you model with a lovely story and a perfect dance. All in all, it was the best dance of the night because it was the most real. The mistake told her story even better than perfection would have. She certainly won me over with that one.

The final dance of the evening came from Ralph Macchio who I just want to love and hug. Yes, he is closer to my dad's age than to mine, but he looks 10 years younger than me, so I can't help it. He has been married 24 years and he danced his dance for his wife with tears in his eyes. Can we get a collective awwww? Seriously, it was just too sweet.

I have to be careful. I am getting all emotionally involved with the cast and now I don't want to see anyone go home! Sadly, one has to ... I am going to say it will be Sugar Ray Leonard. He is a nice guy and a decent dancer, but probably the weakest link right now.

Who do you think will go home?


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