Jamie Lynn Spears Is No Bristol Palin (Phew!)

jamie lynn spearsHey, did you remember that Britney Spears has a little sister??? Oh, yeah!! Jamie Lynn Spears used to star on that Nickelodeon show Zoey 101, but then she got knocked up and disappeared for a long time. (Okay, like two years, but that's a LONG time in showbiz.) Suddenly, she's back in the spotlight, because today's her 20th birthday, and she's been tweeting about it. First, she tweeted, "What else do you do on your 20th birthday weekend?" attaching a pic of her hugging her cutiepie, costumed 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Maddie, followed by a pic of her grillin' up a storm for her b-day and another tweet that read, "goodbye teens.. HELLO 20's!!!" 

In a matter of hours, she was getting birthday wishes from everyone (per usual in the Twitter world), including Perez Hilton. She even tweeted that she got serenaded by her daughter's preschool class. That's adorbs!


But still ... wow. I cannot believe JLS just turned 20!!!! That's so wild. Makes me think of her almost as the original MTV Teen Mom. No April foolin' -- she actually could sit down with those girls and teach 'em a thing or two, particularly about getting your priorities straight (living a quiet life with your daughter = good, while running your mouth about abstinence, getting involved in controversy on a dance competition reality show you have no business being on, or "leaking" sex tapes and nude photos = bad).

I give her credit for being one teen mom who has seemingly taken her new role as a mother very seriously. I mean, how come we haven't seen or heard from her in so long?

She's gotta be making a concerted effort to stay out of the spotlight and raise her kiddo far away from paparazzi.

OR ... her squeaky-tween career just fizzled and died post-pregnancy? Hey, I wouldn't be surprised if she was blacklisted by Disney, and Nickelodeon may be a bit chiller, but they were NEVER going to air the Zoey Has a Baby reality show.

There's also the possibility that her dad, aka the conservator of Femme Fatale big sis Brit Brit, has kept her out of work so she doesn't tweak out under the pressures of being a famous, photo-stalked, single young mom.    

Maybe it's actually been a combo platter of the above keeping Jamie Lynn off-screen and out of the gossip blogs.

Either way, it's nice to see that she's happy, healthy, enjoying life as a mama. Sure, she's still oh-so-crazy young, but hey, I'm not judging. So was Lorelai Gilmore, and look how she and Rory turned out! (Okay, yes, they are fictional characters, but AMAZING example of teen motherhood gone well!) So, happy birthday, Jamie Lynn! Here's hoping you and Maddie have a blast today.

Do you think Jamie Lynn will stage a career comeback anytime soon?


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