Katherine Heigl Needs to Break Up With Her Mom

katherine heigl nancy heiglWhat do Katherine Heigl and Jessica Simpson have in common? Not much, other than the fact that they've both starred in bad movies and ... their parents run their lives. My ears perked up recently when I heard the reason why Katherine's marriage to Josh Kelley is suffering. Her mother, Nancy Heigl, who is also her manager and business partner, can't seem to leave Katherine and Josh alone. 

An insider told The National Enquirer:

Josh is a patient guy, but he’s fed up playing second fiddle to his mother-in-law. Nancy lives around the corner from Katherine and Josh in her own place, but she spends so much time at their home that she may as well move in. She often stays overnight and knocks on their door pretty much every day she’s in town.

What's more, apparently Nancy even vacations with the couple! UGH, that is just wrong!


Sure, it's The National Enquirer, but pictures of Heigl, Kelley, and third-wheel Nancy illustrate how this story seems both equally plausible and disturbing.

Here's the thing ... I truly believe that Nancy may be a pain in the ass, but I think Katherine's actually to blame in this case. Control freak moms and moms-in-law are ALWAYS doing annoying, frustrating, sometimes even manipulative things that can throw a wrench in happy marriages. But there's a difference between the relationships that can endure Full-On Overbearing Mom Suffocation and the ones that can't. In couples who can get through it, the child of the crazy mother sides with and stands up for their PARTNER first! I mean, I've heard some crazy story on the radio not that long ago that a guy wanted to bring his mother on his honeymoon. Are you kidding me?? Does he give a crap about his marriage?

I'm actually pretty close with my boyfriend's mom, as well as my own mom. But we've had to draw a line again and again to assert our autonomy as a couple. It's why my boyfriend and I don't take up his mom's offer to stay at her place while we're looking for another apartment. Or why I make sure he's totally cool with it before we stay with my folks on a trip down to Florida. Relationships DIE if you prioritize your parent over your partner!

Sounds like if Katherine doesn't start putting Josh first, her marriage is gonna go bust. But can't say I really feel bad for her. I understand being close with your mother, there's nothing wrong with that, but maybe it's about time she gets a new manager? Because for the sake of your marriage, sometimes your mother just has to come second.

Do you agree? Does your mom or mother-in-law ever cause issues in your relationship?


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