New 'Green Lantern' Footage Spurs Ryan Reynolds Super Crush (VIDEO)

green lantern trailerThe last thing on your brain is summer movies. You still have to get through Easter (check out our Easter Guide!), plan a Passover Seder and eat burnt toast in bed on Mother's Day. But  there is a movie coming you will want to see with your kids this summer. It's called Green Lantern.

It doesn't hit theaters until June 17. I have it marked it on my calendar now. There was this gathering called WonderCon this weekend, and comic book devotees and superhero geeks descended on San Francisco to get the latest scoop on all things superhero-y ... and the makers of Green Lantern gave us a nibble, a bite, a taste of what we can expect.

Sure, your tween boys are gonna love it -- expect Green Lantern-themed birthday parties to surface, and you'll be seeing a few pint-sized Green Lanterns come Halloween. But, hear me now and believe me later, you'll love it too! In perhaps the best superhero casting ever, Ryan Reynolds plays Hall Jordan aka Green Lantern!


Early buzz about this movie wasn't so great from uber-fans, but I've loved everything I've seen so far. The new trailer released this weekend apparently erased any doubts critics may have had -- and now everyone is buzzing about how cool this new superhero franchise may be.

Like the casting of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, The Hollywood Powers That Be were genius with offering Ryan the part. He has the right combo of humor, athleticism, sauve-ness and dramatic chops to pull off any world-saving he may need to do.

I think it looks sososososososo cool, but I have a lot of mommy friends who just aren't into the whole comic book, superhero thing. Plus, their kiddos already know all about Superman or Spiderman. Moms feel out of the loop, like they have to study the lore, the history, the story of the hero to even talk about it with their kiddos.

That's the beauty of Green Lantern -- he's not as famous as the other heroes. Sure, he was part of the Justice League of America with Superman and Batman, but his story isn't necessarily known by every 10 year old. Which is good for you, Mama -- you and your boy can learn about it together. He'll be jazzed about the new aliens and creatures, while you can enjoy Ryan Reynolds and his cute grin kicking some out-of-this-world boo-tay.

Will you go see Green Lantern this summer?


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