New Charles Manson Movie to Star Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay LohanI'm both thrilled and terrified by the thought of a couple of new movies coming out about Charles Manson. I read the book Helter Skelter back in high school, and I had nightmares for years. I was and remain both fascinated and horrified by Manson and the power he had over people and the brutal murders they committed. So I know I'll be drawn to see these movies and then have to suffer the nightmares again, especially if Lindsay Lohan is in one of them.

According to TMZ, she's been offered a role in a film titled  Eyes of a Dreamer, which is being produced by Brad Wyman who did Monster. If she accepts, she would play Sharon Tate -- the former wife of Roman Polanski who was killed by Manson's followers when she was eight months pregnant. Tyler Shields is playing Manson.


While I'm a bit shocked anyone would offer Lohan a role after all her wild child ways, this does seem like a pretty good fit. She looks a lot like Tate, and she seems to have a death wish anyway, so I can see her embracing this tragic figure. While I'm not sure she's stable enough to be working now, I do think she'd make a good addition to this film. It will be interesting to see if she accepts.

The other upcoming film involving Charles Manson is titled The Dead Circus and it has a star-studded cast as well. It includes James Marsden (currently in Hop), Michael C. Hall, and Melissa Leo.

Based on a book by the same name, it's said to take a look at the unsolved murder of singer Bobby Fuller -- the guy who wrote that song, "I Fought the Law." It's thought that Manson and his followers were somehow involved in his death, which was ruled a suicide. Given the fact the he was found beaten with gasoline poured down his throat, however, leaves plenty of room for speculation. It sounds interesting, and people are hoping it's finally going to give Marsden the serious acting gig he needs to showcase his talents. Let's hope so.

Nightmares here I come.

What do you think of the idea of Lindsay Lohan playing Sharon Tate? Will you see either of these movies?

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