Charlie Sheen Booed in Detroit As Seeing Crazy Up Close Not So Winning (VIDEO)

charlie sheen booedWhen I heard Charlie Sheen was going on tour with his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not an Option" tour, I thought, "Wow, he's really gone crazypants." When I heard the shows were selling out in, like, nanoseconds, I thought, "Wow, the world has caught his crazy." Now hearing that Charlie Sheen totally bombed, crashed and burned at his show in Detroit, I thought, "Finally! Sanity is winning!"

People were booing the former Two and a Half Men star, who was joined on stage with his two "goddesses" as he ranted about everything from Sarah Palin to Thomas Jefferson. The only time cheers were heard? When he ripped off his shirt to reveal a Detroit Tigers jersey.

There were some random video montages, Snoop Dogg never showed and people demanded their money back. I have to ask ... what did they think they would see?


Many of those in the crowd told reporters they were there to see Charlie Sheen go off, go crazy, explode like only the Warlock can. And that's what he did, people. They just saw it up close and personal.


I'm not shocked that folks though it was boring, but I am surprised people thought it would be "entertaining." It wasn't going to have a laugh track, people. It wasn't going to be the live version of his sitcom. It was just the same tragic, sad train-wreck they've seen over and over again on TV. The difference this time? They paid $70 versus just watching it for free on their couch.

At least Charlie knew he didn't do such a winning job. The man with Adonis DNA came back onto the stage after the show, admitting, "This is an experiment. We’re working some s--- out."  Yeah, I guess so.

Would you go see Charlie Sheen's live show?

Image via CBS

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