Is the April Fools' Prank on You or Us?

april fool's pranks

Wow, it's been an earth-shattering day in Entertainment. Did the horoscopes change again or what? Because something weird is definitely going on.

First I read that the cast of Teen Mom 2 will be mentored by Britney Spears, the poster child for everything moms should NOT do. I almost threw up when I heard about the remake of A Love Story starring Robert Pattinson and Nicole Polizzi. Yes, Edward the pasty-faced vampire having nookie with Snooki the Wookie. My eyes, my eyes!

But what's worse -- Snooki and RPatz or Snooki and The Boss of New Jersey, the one and only Bruce Springsteen, signing up for Season 5 of Jersey Shore to try to redeem some shred of dignity for the most mocked state in the world thanks to that collective of numbnuts.


But silly us, don't we know IQ is a thing of the past, as Rutgers University proves by paying Snooki more in speaking fees than a Pulitzer Prize winning author to inspire college students on the art of slurping beer through a straw in your nose.

All this and, just when you think it's over, the shocking news that Mad Men's final three seasons will be as exciting as watching a film clip of Gloria Steinem lecturing a feminist studies class.

I think it's best if I just pop a Valium and go to bed for the rest of the day.

Yes, all five news stories ran on The Stir today ... but ... [cue Sesame Street music] ... "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong ..."

As if we even needed to say it, APRIL FOOLS! We ran four fake posts today -- totally made up, not a shred of truth to any of them. Which means, one of the above mentioned is actually true! Talk about a joke. Can you Snook it out?

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Did you pull a joke today -- or did someone pull one on you?


UPDATE: The real story is Snooki is getting paid through the nose to speak at Rutgers. Sad reality. The rest, totally made up. But how cool would it have been to have The Boss boss around The Situation? Snooki getting nakey with Robert Pattinson ... not so much.

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