Will NKOTBSB New Single Be a Hit? (VIDEO)


OMG IT'S NKOTBSB! Say what? Yes. New Kids on the Block Street Boys. No wait, it's New Kids on the Back Street Boys. Well, whatever their abbreviation stands for -- they're back. Most of them anyway. Your favorite hunks from your CD-buying-band-T-shirt-wearing days have teamed up. The goal? To produce a "greatest hits record" including five original collaborations in an effort to regain some fame after the boy band phenomena of the '80s and '90s.

How exciting, right?! AJ's out of rehab and Jordan Knight's done with his solo stint. Nick Carter is way over Paris Hilton and Howie ... well, we still know nothing about him. Nine studs, one album. "Don't Turn Out the Lights" is the CD's debut track from the NKOTBSB record, set to release May 24. And in a society where boy bands are sorta washed up (sorry, 2gether) -- I hate to say it: The song's actually catchy.


I didn't want to like it, really. I feel like they're all washed up. But the second I heard the distinct voices of Nick Carter and Jordan Knight, well ... 14-year-old Emily just couldn't disrespect her teen idols. It's just so fun! You can even play a game with yourself while listening to it. Listen really carefully, and try to identify each voice! Insert girlish swoon here.

The track genuinely sounds like a modern version of their former boy band hits. In it, the guys sing about a relationship that's beginning to get stale -- begging their lover to give it another try. I mean let's be serious: If Joey McIntyre asked you to give him another try, wouldn't you say yes after hearing him sing this song?

I'm sure the nostalgia plays a part in my adoration of the track. Is it the best thing to come out of pop music in 2011? Of course not. But it's a foot-tapping song with the perfect pop recipe that makes my heart all oozy. These guys are all solid entertainers. Dare I say it: I bet their summer tour wouldn't be half bad, either.

What do you think of NKOTBSB's new single?

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