Snooki Paid More Than Toni Morrison: Great Job, Rutgers!

You know how Obama recently called on Americans to unite in order to "win the future"? Rutgers University has clearly taken this advice to heart, because they recently paid for Snooki to appear at a Q&A session to teach students some important lessons about hairstyle, fist pumps, and the famous GTL lifestyle.

When you think about the enormous amount of cash it takes to get through college these days, it's wonderful to know the money is being spent so wisely. In this case, Snooki's $32,000 speaker's fee was paid with activity funds undergrads are required to pay with their tuition.

As a parent who saves hundreds each month so my own two kids can attend college someday, this just warms my heart!


Rutgers is also paying Nobel-winning novelist Toni Morrison to deliver a commencement address in May, but thank goodness, Morrison is only getting $30,000. I mean, really: so Morrison's the author of Beloved, Song of Solomon, and other novels—big deal! Has she been arrested for public drunkenness lately?

I didn't think so.

I'm proud of Rutgers for recognizing Snooki's value and paying her more than some Pulitzer Prize lady. Snooki had to do the hard work, too, sitting there being interviewed by a comedian in an on-stage Q&A. All Morrison has to do is give an inspirational speech that affirms students' learning and puts their college work into the context of their future—in front of graduating students at the 52,000-seat Rutgers Stadium.

Pssssh. Easy. Anyone could do that.

It's a good thing Snooki was paid out of tuition funds, because that really drives home the value of having a reality star come to your school. Morrison's fee, however, will come from money PepsiCo pays Rutgers to have exclusive rights to vending machines on campus. Which is totally fitting, and a really clever way of monetizing a healthy beverage!

In conclusion, I'd like to offer my public congratulations to Rutgers University for making such smart decisions lately. It's horrifying to think about an America that isn't fully educated in gym, tanning, and laundry—thank god there's a university that truly knows how to prepare its students for the future.

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