New Cast Member Bruce Springsteen to Rock 'Jersey Shore'

bruce springsteenJersey Shore cannot be stopped. Every time you think they've exhausted all their options, they pull a new trick out of their bag -- and this one is the craziest of all. Ready? Bruce Springsteen, fellow Jersey Boy, is set to star on the fifth season of Jersey Shore. Yes, you read that correctly.

Apparently, the Boss is sick and tired of his home state getting a bad rap, and he wants to set the record straight. Bruce will be shacking up -- in his own condo next door -- with Snooki, Sitch, and Pauly D. on the fifth season of the show, set to shoot in Seaside. What?!


I mean, there are no words. Really? Bruce Springsteen? Million-time Grammy winner Bruce Springsteen? As a fellow New Jersey native, I can attest to the fact that the crew has given our state a bad name, but even I wouldn't set foot in that house. It's so ... beneath me.

Apparently, Bruce is determined to vindicate the Garden State, though. The singer allegedly caught on to the craze halfway through the first season, and by the end of Miami, he was so fed up with their antics, he put a call into MTV producers. A source at MTV said:

We actually were all shocked that Bruce Springsteen, the legend, was on the phone. We thought it was a joke! But it was him, and when he offered to star in an upcoming season, of course we jumped at the chance!

Um, yeah. Of course you did! Never mind the fact that you're partaking in the tarnishing of a living legend's name, it'll be great for ratings! Forget Italy! Everyone's now waiting for season five!

The singer, who announced his strangest latest project on April 1, told Torn magazine:

I don't think people realize what a fantastic state New Jersey really is. We have this stigma attached to us -- we're nothing but factories, strip malls, and fist-pumping ignoramuses. That's not what Jersey's about, though, not even close. I want people to know that normal, intelligent people do reside here. That's why I'm doing the show. That, and to hopefully put an end to all the Ron and Sam drama.

Whatever, Bruce. I thought I knew you. Although I guess if anyone can resurrect our state, surely it's you. Godspeed.

What do you think of Bruce Springsteen starring in Jersey Shore?

UPDATE: April Fools!

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