New 'Sweet Valley' Book: Are the Twins Still a Perfect Size 6?

Raise your hand if you remember Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, the beautiful blonde identical twins from Sweet Valley, California. Bonus points if you can correctly identify which one was the boy-crazy one.

(That would be Jessica. Elizabeth was sensitive and practical. Doy.)

If you're a crusty old geezer like me, you probably have fond memories of the popular young adult Sweet Valley series, which began in the early '80s and generated more than 150 books under various ghost writers before it finally ceased publication 20 years later.

There have been a few spin-offs that have focused on the lives of the twins during their younger years, but now with the release of Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later... devoted fans can find out what Jessica and Elizabeth's adult lives are like.

Hint: really cheesy.


In Sweet Valley Confidential, the twins are in their late 20s. Elizabeth's in New York, weepy and miserable because Jessica—back in California—has betrayed her, along with Elizabeth's ex Todd Wilkins. While the sisters' relationship is in peril, they must still attend their grandmother's 80th birthday party together. Like, bummer! So Elizabeth comes up with a plan to ...

Ugh, never mind. You get the picture. If you're wondering how different the writing is in the adult version of the Sweet Valley world, here's an excerpt that describes how the twins haven't changed much since high school:

Their eyes were shades of aqua that danced in the light like shards of precious stones, oval and fringed with thick, light brown lashes long enough to cast a shadow on their cheeks. Their silky blond hair, the cascading kind, fell just below their shoulders. And to complete the perfection, their rosy lips looked as if they were penciled on. There wasnʼt a thing wrong with their figures, either. It was as if billions of possibilities all fell together perfectly. Twice.

Right. So basically, this is exactly like the original books, only with a sort of wannabe Sex and the City flavor to it.

I don't think I'll be ordering Sweet Valley Confidential from Amazon any time soon, but here's some more news from the land of hot blonde twinsies: Diablo Cody has signed on to write a Sweet Valley film adaptation for Universal. Now that sounds like something I can get behind.

Did you read the Sweet Valley series when you were younger? Any interest in checking out this new book?

Image courtesy of St. Martin's Press

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