Perez Hilton Now a Kid's Book Author: Clearly, a Sign of the Apocalypse

According to the PR email that arrived in my inbox yesterday, I should be excited to hear that celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has written a children's book. Titled The Boy With Pink Hair, the insightful book "celebrates individuality and self-acceptance, and is inspired by Hilton’s desire to promote equality in readers of all age."

Call me crazy, but when I think of the sort of person I want to buy a kid's book from, I don't imagine a guy who spends his time scrawling white semen doodles on celebrities' faces.

Hilton has created quite a media empire over the years. He premiered a radio show in 2008, he's released a pop song (called "The Clap") (it's about gonorrhea!), and his website alone was valued at $20 million in 2010.

He's mostly known, however, for his gossip posts and accompanying MS Paint-esque scrawls, which have attracted thousands of visitors and plenty of controversy.


While he's proudly claimed he built his brand on being a bitch, some of his stunts have been above and beyond the usual levels of celebrity snark. When he served as a judge for the Miss USA 2009 pageant, he promptly took to his site to call contestant Carrie Prejean a "dumb bitch." Shortly after Michael Jackson's death, Hilton claimed it was a publicity stunt. In 2010, he nearly attracted child pornography charges when he posted a supposedly naked upskirt photo of an underage Miley Cyrus.

Hilton is also known for outing closeted celebrities against their wishes. After outing Lance Bass of N'Sync, Hilton defended his motives by saying,

I know there is some controversy about outing people, but I also believe the only way we're gonna have change is with visibility.

He routinely calls people fags, he scribbles coke on celebrities' noses and jizz coming from their mouths, he rags on people for being overweight, the list goes on and on. In short, he's made his own celebrity from tearing other people down.

Just the fellow I want writing a story on individuality and self-acceptance for kids. I don't know who disgusts me more, Hilton—or the publisher who bought this thing.

Will you be reading Perez Hilton's book to your kids?

Image courtesy of Penguin Young Readers Group/Celebra Children's Books

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