'DWTS' Recap: Was It Right to Showcase Chris Brown?

Season 12 of DWTS is proving that some things may change -- the cast and the pro dancers -- and some don't -- drawn out results shows that sometimes run just too dang long.

Unlike in past shows, tonight's results show was very, very obvious from the beginning. And true to what it seemed, Mike Catherwood was sent home. Given that he had the lowest scores and was the least well known, it was kind of an obvious night. There wasn't even a whole lot of suspense when it came down to him and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Leonard definitely still has more to do on the show.

The results show was full of performances from professional dancers, recaps of the past two episodes, and, of course, a star performer as well. In this case, that star was Chris Brown, a performer who is less famous for his music and dance moves and more famous for the infamous fight two years ago between him and his girlfriend at the time Rihanna


What happened between them might be up for debate, but he beat her and left her with terrible bruising. That part is not.

Realizing that some might feel that he has served his time and paid his debt, it did seem a bit uncomfortable to put Brown on the show. The restraining order may be lifted and years might have passed, but lately it's getting a little old that we continue to herald men who abuse women and forgive them on such a national stage.

Lest we forget the media darling that was Charlie Sheen a couple weeks ago. He, too, has been in almost constant trouble with the law over abusing women. It would be kind of nice to take a stand and say we don't support it by, I don't know, NOT supporting it. Perhaps not allowing his work to be showcased on DWTS might show Brown that actions -- especially ones made with the fist -- have consequences.

Even dancer Cheryl Burke, once a victim of domestic abuse herself, was put off by his appearance, telling Extra TV:"I don't agree with him coming on the show, but it's out of my control."

It isn't really acceptable, but on the other hand, few actually watch the results shows for the performers. This season had a lot to live up to after last season's controversy with Bristol Palin. Some thought she was in the competition far too long. Some thought she should have won.

This season is starting off on the right foot by doing exactly what it should be doing. Tonight the right guy went home. So, if we had to sit through the crappy performance of a girlfriend-beating loser to get there, I guess I'll take it.

Did you think it was right to have Chris Brown on the show?


Image via ABC

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