Meet Robert Pattinson’s New Wife

sarah gadon and rpattzBe still our beating hearts, he's not marrying her for real. The two will play husband and wife in an upcoming movie called Cosmopolis, which stars Robert Pattinson as a financial genius and Sarah Gadon as his wife. I've never heard of Sarah, so this has got to be a pretty big break for the 24-year-old Canadian actress.

If she's going to be the onscreen love interest of our cherished R-Pattz, then I think she needs a nickname. Out with the K-Stew and in with the Sare-Ga. And is it just me, or does this blond beauty sort of remind you of Kristen? They totally have the same smile. I hope this doesn't start any drama between our favorite Twilight lovebirds!

Do you think the couple will have onscreen chemistry?

Photo via Splash News and ABC

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