Jennifer Garner to Play Miss Marple (Yawn)

jennifer garnerWho doesn't enjoy a good mystery? Solving a whodunit, figuring out the motive, searching for clues is tried-and-true entertainment gold. Obviously, Jennifer Garner agrees and has signed on to play one of the most iconic sleuths of all time -- Miss Marple.

Former Alias star, mama of two girls, and wife of Ben Affleck will not only play the lead, she's also gonna co-produce the flicks based on the Agatha Christie character. No real details have emerged about the Disney-backed films, just that Jennifer won't be needing a gray wig -- her Miss Marple will be a younger version of the usual old lady spinster we're used to seeing.

Well, that's fine ... I guess ... I like Jennifer Garner well enough. But, is it just me or does it seem Hollywood has run out of ideas?


Yes, there are some cool new indie movies out there. I am dying to see my man Paul Giamatti in Win Win ... heck, I just want to go to the movies period (who has time these days). And when you do get a sitter for movie date night, your choices are either a sequel or just a new version of an old story. 

We have re-boots of Superman (now starring Amy Adams as Lois Lane), Batman, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, and the list goes on. So, what's the deal with all of the franchise re-dos? Do all of the writers in LALALand have writer's block? I bet they are coming up with new ideas, but no studio wants to chance their buckroonees on a fresh one ... which kinda honks.

I guess that's a larger discussion for someone other than me sitting at my computer eating hummus and crackers, so back to Jennifer Garner's Miss Marple. Who else has played Miss Jane Marple? On the big screen, we've seen Dame Margaret Rutherford (who was in her 70s when she played her) as well as Angela Lansbury solving murders. 

Will the new movies be set in the U.S. or will Jennifer grab a dialect coach and adopt an English accent? Will she use modern technology along with her cleverness to reveal the murderer? Who else would I want to see play Miss Marple -- Sandra Bullock or Anne Hathaway would be my primo choices, but, sure, Jennifer is fine.

More importantly, will I see it? Probably. Maybe. Definitely when it's on Netflix.

What do you think of Jennifer Garner as Miss Marple?


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