Britney Spears Is Back, But Can She Hack It? (VIDEOS)

britney spears gmaIt's pretty much a given you're going to be seeing and hearing a lot from Britney Spears in the coming days. That's because her new album Femme Fatale is out today, and she's currently in the midst a whirlwind promo tour that began with two big performances: One at The Palms Las Vegas on Friday and another on Good Morning America this morning. If the momma of two still feels like she has something to prove, she should rest assured that everyone's raving about what they've seen in the last week.

Right now, she's only whetting our appetites. Oh yes, there's more to come ... Brit Brit announced on GMA this morning that she'll be going on tour with Enrique Iglesias, starting in June. Innnnteeeresting!

But the question still remains: Can she hack it?


Sure, she went on tour a couple of years ago to promote her album Circus, and that was considered her "comeback." So then why now is everyone saying, "Britney Spears is BACK!" Do they mean her performances during the Circus days were lackluster and this Femme Fatale model is the old, "Toxic" Britney we've been wishing and hoping we would one day see again?

I saw her in concert back in '03, and the dancing was pretty phenomenal. At the time, we didn't expect anything less. She was at the top of her game. But now ... so much has gone down, from K-Fed to two babies and LOTS of drug and drinking probs. In fact, word is that on the set of the "Till the World Ends" music video, cast and crew were asked to sign a contract that prohibited them from drinking or using any drugs around Britney. Because everyone's freaked that just being around the stuff will encourage Brit to slip back into her old habits. Eesh. 

That's why I'm a little nervous here. If she's that easily influenced ... are we currently dealing with a recharged and ready to go Britney? Or just an autopilot Britney?

Well, the reviews for the live shows thus far have been glowing. Fans are saying she "killed it" in Vegas and in San Fran, where she performed for GMA. But I'm not so convinced. I checked out video from this morning's concert of Brit performing "Till the World Ends." And while I'm CRAZY for the song, she just seems to be a bit stilted. Maybe it looks different in person, but I don't know? And Enrique, well, I like him I guess, but I'm still a little freaked by the uncensored version of "Tonight (I'm Loving You)" -- which is really "Tonight (I'm F***ing You)." (I don't know why, it just rubs me the wrong way -- did he really have to go there?)

But I really do hope Britney IS back, because I'm pumped for this album and am psyched to see it performed live (well, you know, as live as Britney gets). And if she really has what it takes now to make it all come together in an exciting, entertaining spectacle, don't hold it against me -- but you can count me in as a ticket buyer.

Here are videos of her "Hold It Against Me" and "Till the World Ends" performances on GMA ...

What do you think? Is she back? Would you go see her show this summer?

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